Why Wait?

More and more frequently I'm hearing people say 'Oh yes, we will bear you in mind for when we need hydro' or 'Its not too bad at the minute so we will wait till it gets worse' normally referring to conditions like OA or other degenerative diseases that are only going to get worse...

Why are we waiting for our dogs to get worse? Surely getting worse means being in more pain? Putting more strain on the other limbs to help support the worsening one? Or even leaving it too late so that nothing can be done other than try and make the dog more comfortable? Surely the saying prevention is better than cure fits here? With conditions like OA, or in fact any conditon, or a fit and healthy dog that is unfortunately going to grow old, building that muscle and strength to support them throughout their lives is better than just waiting...

Roxy, 10 years old, who's owners wished they had started earlier but are still seeing huge benefits for their ageing pup and she really is like a puppy in the water!

So yes hydro is expensive. Trust me if we could do it for free we would! But paying that £25 a week, every two weeks or even monthly could save you ££ when it comes to vet treatment. It could keep your dog off pain meds and anti inflammatories for longer, keep them active for longer and overall just keep them comfortable and happier! And we all hope it'll keep them around for longer too.

So rather than waiting. Ask yourself, what are you waiting for? For an injury that will need rehab? Or just for your dog too become old and stiff? Either way, hydro will help. By preventing the injury in the first place or prolonging the onset of stiff joints. Just ask any of our old age pet owners, they will all undoubtedly say they wish they had started coming sooner...

Stan, 12 weeks old (when the photo was taken) starting him young to build his confidence in water and getting some exercise without the impact on his growing joints.

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