Unfortunatley this month will be the end of one of our first clients rehabilitation. Ruby has been coming to us 12 weeks after she had surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament. When Ruby first came to us she was very lame, had a lot of muscle wastage, was only allowed on lead walks and was generally quiet. Honestly, Ruby never really took to swimming. She swam like a frog, rather than a dog, with her legs kicking out to the side rather than behind. However with some gentle encouragement she soon got the hang of it, built up muscle and has become a strong swimmer. Ruby still isn't overly keen on hydro but she tolerates it, no longer tries to climb out the pool and does what she needs to do. It's like she knows it's good for her! Now Ruby is coming to the end of her treatment, she had built up muscle, is running off lead again, is back doing the paper round with her owners son, and has loads more energy. So, sadly our job with Ruby is done. We will miss her, and secretly, I think she will miss us too!

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