About Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a way to exercise your dog and build muscle with reduced weight bearing to make exercise more comfortable. This can be great to assist agility and sporting dogs to reaching their peak fitness.


Swimming can also encourage healing which, alongside veterinary treatment, can decrease recovery time and support your dog returning to full fitness post-op. It can also be a great support and therapy for conservative treatment patients or dogs with degenerative illnesses. 


Some of the problems hydro can help with are osteoarthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, patella luxation, cruciate damage, degenerative disc disease and many, many more.


Not only can hydro help sick or injured dogs but swimming in a controlled environment can also help build confidence and enjoyment in the water. 

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Lichfield Dog Hydrotherapy
Lichfield Dog Hydrotherapy
Lichfield Hydrotherapy Centre
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About Your Session 

To book a session with us please email us at contact@lichfieldhydro.co.uk or call on 01543 520236.

Before arriving at the centre please ensure you haven't fed your dog for at least 3 hours and that they have been to the toilet. Please remember to bring with you towels, a lead, and to wear suitable clothing which you don't mind getting wet.

 On your first session we will assess your dog,this will include talking through their condition and their fitness level, however we may not swim them, so please don't be disheartened if they don't get a go in the pool first time. 

Your next session will be focused on getting your dog comfortable in the water, as this is a very different environment that even dogs that love to swim may take a while to get used to. Our aim is to get your dog enjoying their time in the pool.


Our Facilities

Our newly renovated hydrotherapy centre is home to a large canine pool, and the only pool in Lichfield.


We also have the highest standard filtration system to ensure your dogs are swimming in the cleanest water possible.

This also means less chemicals have to be used so the water is unlikely to irritate your dog's skin and eyes.


All our equipment is brand new, and the centre is fully disinfected each day to ensure a sanitary environment for our staff and clients.


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